Playing Unplugged

Having an interest in board games when you are an only child is pretty interesting(boring).  I remember going to my grandmother's house when none of my cousins where there and playing monopoly in the basement all by myself.  As I got older we always had a few games in the house but very rarely played them for lack of time or just doing other things instead, it wasn't something we jumped to doing.  When I moved out of my parents house and in with Louis we bought a few games during the holidays when there are more options and they are usually less expensive.  The issue with this is that they are usually games for more then 2 players.  I remember we played a game of Monopoly Pixar edition during a blackout after a huge snow storm.  We never did finish that game.

Recently I had heard that Wil Wheaton was doing a show called Table Top Games on Geek and Sundry.  He get's together with 3 other people and plays table game, it is always entertaining, especially the one time where his wife is there to play ticket to ride.  After watching many of the episodes I started researching some of the games that they played.
They suggest getting your games from Target, apparently they have a great games section.  The issue with this is that over here we won't have our targets until fall 2013.  It also doesn't automatically mean that Canadian Targets will have a games section either.
After some research I found out that a store at the mall where I work sells board games and comics so we stopped by a couple weeks ago and picked up 3 games, we where just going to take 2 but they have a buy 3 and get 15% off.  The third one I picked out wasn't very expensive so I got 3 games for the price of 2.  I decided to pick up Ticket to RideThe Rivals for Catan and Zombie Dice.  I had thought of getting Settles of Catan but it's a 3+ player game and we are pretty much always two.  We have played each game a few times already and we really enjoy them, winning comes out pretty equal with ticket to ride and zombie dice but Louis usually wins rivals for Catan, they are not the typical MB roll the dice and move your piece games, they require more forethought.  We enjoyed those games so much that we got a couple other ones since our first visit, we now own Castle Panic and Star Fluxx.

Board games have brought us closer together, we were in a bit of a rut since we don't get to go out very often just the 2 of us.  After Ollie goes to bed we set up one of the games and spend some time talking about our day and enjoying our time together.

Do you like table games?  What are your favourites?

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the corbett kid. said...

i love games! but we never play them. we have scrabble, the game of life and trivia pursuit - which i'm horrible at! i would like to incorporate a game night for the family soon. they have busytown (awesome game by the way!), connect 4, but they are really starting to love card games too. have fun with your new games!